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Panel Beaters, Smash Repairs Heidelberg

DV Smash is a family owned car repair center providing its flawless services to car owners in Heidelberg and surrounding suburbs. With a great passion for cars, our professionals are driven by 100% customer satisfaction to ensure that our repair works are carried out in an industry standard level.

At DV Smash, we are specialist in repairing accidental damages to vehicles. So, if you have come across an unfortunate event of smashing your car, you just bring your vehicle to us. We provide smash repair in Heidelberg and make your car look as good as a new vehicle.

Standard and quality services:

We are expert in providing smash repair for vehicles of all makes and models. With our extensive experience, we repair vehicles to a higher industry standard. We assess every car thoroughly and estimate the extent of damages and time taken to complete the repair work.

Guaranteed work:

We take pride in saying that all our services are fully guaranteed, so you can be rest assured of receiving reliable services from our professionals. Our staff members also deal with insurance claims and ensure that you will receive prompt and efficient services.

Panel beating and dent repair:

Our panel beater in Heidelberg carry out car body dent repair, car paint repair, dent repair, scratch repair and scuff repair for cars of all makes and models. We work with the objective of providing quality and reliable services to all our clients and return their vehicle in the best possible condition. We deploy advanced techniques to make your vehicle run smoothly on road as soon as possible.


We are equipped with immense knowledge and advanced tools to fix scratches on car body. At DV Smash we can repair any scratches regardless of how big and deep they are. While special polishing formulas are used for light scratches, we use spray painting techniques for deeper scratches.

Our customers can enjoy all sorts of car repair services for a fraction of cost from DV Smash. Quality service, friendly staff, latest equipments, well equipped workshop, immense experience and affordable pricing made us to stand out from the crowd.

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